1. The name of the society is Vancouver Island Transportation Corridor Coalition Association, doing business as “Vancouver Island Transportation Corridor Coalition”.

2. The purpose(s) of the society is:

  • (a) To facilitate restoration, revitalization and enhancement of all rail infrastructure on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, as the core infrastructure of a future transportation system to move people and freight; and

  • (b) to foster a broad coalition of partners, including both government and non-government groups, who will aid in achieving these purposes; and

  • (c) to ensure such projects are undertaken in an environmentally friendly and socially beneficial manner, with a goal of reducing greenhouse gases; and

  • (d) to develop broad public and political support; and

  • (e) to promote integration with ALL other forms of transportation; and

  • (f) to potentially secure funding from public and private sources


The bylaws of the society are those set out in Schedule B to the Society Act.

Dated: June 09, 2020

Applicants for Incorporation

(Signatures on file with the BC Societies Act)