Join the Vancouver Island Transportation Corridor Coalition (VITCC)

The VITCC is a society formed under the laws of the Province of British Columbia for the purposes described within its charter. As a member, you will receive the right to vote and have a say in the ongoing business of the society as well as enjoy working in an exciting environment alongside other members. Joining also shows support for the growing chorus of voices calling for immediate rail service on Vancouver Island and helps send a powerful message to our Provincial government to take immediate action.

To join the VITCC, you must:

Method One: Join or Renew by Email

Simply send an email to that includes the following statement:

"I agree to abide by the terms of the Anti-discrimination/Anti-harassment policy and support the charter of the VITCC"

We accept payments using eTransfers for membership payments. The instructions will be sent to you once your email is received.

Method Two: Join or Renew by Regular Mail

Please mail in a cheque for $25.00 CAD along with your name, address (including postal code) and a signed statement attesting to the following:

"I agree to abide by the terms of the Anti-discrimination/Anti-harassment policy and support the charter of the VITCC"

PO Box 33074, Colwood PO
Colwood BC
V9B 6K3 Canada

Method Three: Use the Form

I wish to Join the VITCC or Renew my Membership.

As a member, you may subscribe to the following lists. You can unsubscribe at any time. The VITCC complies with all Canadian anti-spam legislation.

Notes For Prospective Members

We hold general meetings once per month. These may be attended virtually or in person. If you wish to attend a meeting, please contact us for the next date using the form on this website. We are a socially-conscious organization and will not tolerate any form of disrespect to our members or any members of the public. Prior to joining, please familiarize yourself with our Anti-harassment, Anti-discrimination Policies in the legal section referenced from the footer of this page.

Notes For Renewing Members

To renew your membership, please use the same methods stated above. If you are renewing, we will detect it and your membership will not lapse.

COVID NOTICE: If you attend in person, socially-distancing, RVSPs, masks and gloves are mandatory. An RSVP must be sent two weeks prior to the date of the meeting to allow organizers to ensure everyone is safe within the venue. As of September, 2020 we have ceased in person meetings due to the rise of COVID-19 on Vancouver Island. We expect to return to in person meetings once the BC Health Ministry recommends it is safe to do so.

We respect first nations rights and will always work with other groups to have a conversation. There is a famous proverb from the first nations that we adhere to.

"Listen or your tongue will make you deaf"

Let us all put our minds together and make a better future for our children.